Bee Ride

Application: Environmental Education

Understanding the pollination process is a fundamental part of Natural Sciences curriculum in many countries. It also helps students understand and connect with the processes that keep the environment sustainable.


Bee Ride is a 3d virtual reality simulation game. The player controls a bee with the objective of rescuing her colony from demise. To achieve that goal, players guide the bee through a 3d environment to find flowers and extract nectar and pollen to improve the hive.

Neighborhood Watch

Application: Citizenship Habits

The Las Condes city hall in Santiago, Chile set us with the task of developing a game that incentivized the residents to learn about and security measures to prevent theft at their homes.


Neighborhood Watch is a video game for mobile devices where players build a virtual community of neighbors from their social media accounts. The goal of the game is keeping your home in optimal conditions of security and quality of life, using your resources to improve its elements and prevent deterioration. Given that most game elements and events are linked to security recommendations by the city hall, players have to learn them by intuition or experimentation in order to get better at the game, thus incorporating awareness and knowledge to keep their real life home safe.

Forest Educational Platform

Application: School Education

Interactive media is an excellent tool to tackle contemporary education challenges such as XXI Century Skills, STEM education, Problem Solving etc. However, teachers have many barriers to effectively use them in classes, ranging from technical skills to evaluation and class design.



Forest is a subscription platform that allows teachers to effectively use interactive media for their classes. With a library of educational content, its features allow to easily find and deploy interactive media in school devices, plan class activities and evaluate learning objectives.