Looking for new ways to engage your customers?

RAQN can help you

Reach everyone, track everything

We assist you in creating the content you need, using video game strategies to motivate and involve your customers and employees. With our know-how in entertainment, business and education, we help you reach a perfect balance.

With our platforms we can measure the achievement of your training and marketing goals. We provide individual and aggregate analytics, to give you broad and detailed views of your users, their performance, engagement and your business KPIs.

Beyond content:
Video games train skills and promote attitudes and behaviors


Engaging Marketing

Dramatically increase interaction with your brand.

Benefit from the unique perspective and insight of your customer that gamification can give you.

With our products, advertise to new markets or develop a stronger understanding of your current one through a gamified loyalty program.

Immersive Showcasing

With our interactive virtual showcase rooms, your customer can interact with your products in a way that enhances and personalizes the experience, as well as cutting your demo costs.

Immerse your customers into your products and services to increase lead conversion, engagement and retention.

Our virtual showrooms and catalogs vastly enhance digital presence and sales and go a long way in making up for the lack of a realistic mockup.

Action-based Training

At RAQN we provide you with a more efficient and cost-effective way to train and teach your employees.

Our experiential, action-based learning experiences let your employees learn by doing, with hands-on activities, videogames and context-aware simulations.

By using our education-based focus mixed with an entertaining delivery method, we are able to develop products that create an engaging and persistent learning experiences, saving time, effort and money for your company.

Goal-driven sales

Harness the power of analytics-infused gamification to improve the dynamics and better work your sales force.

Using gamification strategies together with management platforms is an excellent way to motivate sales teams, increasing accountability and achieving a goal-oriented company culture.

Through the use of our technology, get insights into your sales force’s activity and control the sales pipeline and goals for your team.

Step up your game, go to the next level