What is RAQN?

RAQN /rɑ:kʊn/ is a tool that facilitates the use of interactive media


Our vission

At RAQN Interactive we help companies achieve their goals through the use of interactive content and processes such as games, simuations and gamification strategies. We strive to enhance people’s lives and companies’ activities, enabling them to learn new skills and boost their performance with action-driven experiences and systems, designed for our customer’s specific goals.

Harness the power of Immersion & Interactivity

Trough the use of interactive technologies we greatly increase organizational power, whether it be for internal uses or reaching their customers. The power of interactivity that is brought through gamification greatly increases the chance of reaching objectives within time, cost and quality constraints. At RAQN we work carefully to ensure proper use of interactive software and gamification strategies, in a way that enhances not only the fun factor but also the learning process and goals achievement.

Design Through Education

We approach the design of gamification strategies and software from an experiential learning paradigm. By building our products from the ground up in terms of the learning experience, we ensure the final user (whether it be a student, teacher, company employee or end customer) will respond much better to the project objectives while growing their own knowledge and skillset. Every game dynamic, incentive structure and interactive content passes through our educational and experiential experts to ensure motivation, habit reinforcement, high engagement, effective learning and top quality.