Unleash the power of interactive media

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Specific Games for specific needs

We make games designed with goals in mind. While it is learning experiences, engagement, communication, or getting to know your audience, RAQN has a solution for you.


Serious business need serious games

Games create higher engagement, longer customer retention, and higher brand value than any other medium. Level up your brand! Start doing game-based marketing today.

Employee training and motivating staff are no problem with training simulations and gamification techniques. Let us tailor a specific gaming strategy for your internal company goals.

Discover Forest

We facilitate the use of interactive media in the classroom. We provide you with a library of verified interactive content, including video games, simulations, interactive fiction and more, all supported by a teaching process for its use and a learning progress analytics.




Distribution & Analytics

We put your content to your customer’s hands, though our lightning-fast, worldwide delivery infrastructure. All of our software comes with built-in analytics to extract meaningful, actionable insights from players and their interactions.



We design and develop tailored content for the specific needs of your organization, combining educational, business and game development experiences to turn your goals into emotional experiences.


Workshops & Academia

Enjoy the benefits of gamification without the need for dedicated software. With our workshops you can take your processes to the next level, achieving results while keeping your team motivated.

Step up your game, go to the next level